Our study of local farms and ranches

include the sustainable and environmentally conscious offerings from:

Martinez Produce

 Ol Timer Asparagus

Blue Mountain Lavender Farm

Small's Family Farm

Froghollow Farm

Welcome Table Farm

Hayshaker Farm

Edwards Farm


Little Dipper Dairy

Upper Dry Creek Ranch

Snake River Farms

Rockin' R Ranch

Rathbun & Moore

Pat 'n" Tams Ranch

Taylor Shellfish Farm

Nicky USA Rabbit Farms

Blue Valley Meats

Blue Mountain Affinage Company




Recognized by USA Today in 2011 as the friendliest town in America, the town so nice they named it twice lives up to its reputation. Known for rolling wheat farms and sweet seasonal onions, Walla Walla has recently expanded its repertoire to include over a 100 local wineries. With such world-class wine offerings, the restaurant world was soon to follow. Chefs from around the country have flocked to this little South East corner of Washington State for the opportunity to create in an environment rich with inspiration andresources, and the Ox & Cart is proud to be a part of this burgeoning haven for food and wine lovers alike.




Jacob Crenshaw
Owner and Executive Chef

Jake grew up in the small Colorado town of Lyons. It didn’t take long for his cooking ambitions to lead him to bigger opportunities, working in Denver, Boulder, Santa Barbara, and Seattle. He credits his hands on experience working at prestigious restaurants like Michel Richard’s Citronelle, Jan Birnbaum’s Sazerac, and Tamara Murphy’s Brasa as laying the groundwork for the chef he has become. In 2006 Jake decide to follow his heart, leaving behind Seattle and the fast paced restaurant world, to support his wife’s quest to make wine.

What at first seemed like career sacrifice, eventually turned into amazing good fortune, as the food and wine community welcomed his talents. In 2010 Jake tackled the task of re-invigorating a classic Walla Walla eatery, opening Olive Marketplace and Café in the heart of downtown. Having also spent more than fifteen years organizing and running various kitchens and catering operations (ranging from large scale, multi-course plated events to weddings of all sizes) Jake wanted a chance to bring his expertise to the growing demand for caterers in Walla Walla. So, always up for a challenge, Jake added a full catering company to Olive’s culinary resume in 2012.

Never one to rest, in 2016 Jake finally found the perfect space to open a new restaurant that truly defines his style of cooking. Opening The Ox & Cart is Jake’s opportunity to pay homage to the area that inspires him. Living in Walla Walla, surrounded by fresh produce, local wine, and naturally raised meats is a culinary dream comes true, and to Jake, it is what truly defines who he is as a chef. It’s this rare ability to nourish his family and his community with foods that are whole,


Tabitha Crenshaw
Owner and BeVerage director

Answering the age old question, what do you do with a degree in Philosophy, Tabitha assures you that it makes an excellent prelude into the world of food and wine. During her studies at the University of Washington, she made ends meet by working at various Seattle restaurants, and after the BA degree was said and done, the foodie bug had settled in to stay. The opportunity to work with an amazing array of mentors at Ray’s Boathouse, Teatro Zinzanni, Chow Foods, Inc. and Brasa deepened her love of food and wine.

It was while at Brasa that she met her now husband and the two soon plotted a life altering move to Walla Walla so that she could pursue her dream of winemaking. Once in Eastern Washington, she quickly completed her Enology degree in the celebrated vocational program at WWCC and spent time working at Spring Valley Vineyards and Artifex Wine Company. Ten years, two restaurant, a catering company and three beautiful children later, they are making a happy marriage of both of their passions, food and wine.